Other ESOP Services

ESOP Feasibility Analysis

While ESOP’s are not appropriate for all companies, they're not just for huge companies either. The only way to determine if an ESOP would work for you is to explore the possibility.

We’re ESOP experts who’ve been working with ESOP companies for thirty years. As one of the few Colorado professional firms with membership in both The ESOP Association and the National Center for Employee Ownership, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you determine if an ESOP is right for you and your company.

We can help you evaluate the ESOP potential of your company – and an initial consultation with us is free of charge!

ESOP Implementation Services

If proceeding beyond an initial analysis makes sense to you and us, we'll refer you and your Company to other professionals we work with who can help you establish the ESOP Plan and Trust, assist you in securing financing for the purchase of your stock by the ESOP and assist in decisions relative to Plan administration service providers. Our primary focus on an ongoing basis with ESOP companies and their Plan Trustees is valuation services required annually for Plan administration purposes and in transaction situations.

We work together with your current CPA firm as a specialist in the ESOP field, complimenting rather than competing with your current CPAs. ESOP implementation is a team effort. In this area, we also work with attorneys specializing in ESOPs and qualified plans from a number of law firms, experienced ESOP implementation specialists, experienced ESOP individual and institutional trustees, as well as other consultants, third party administrators and banks who provide financing to ESOP companies.